Back to school! .. But it will be okay! ㋛

And so, like every year at this time, it's back !!

So to help you better chill Bb is happy and proud to introduce you to his brand new and very nice site! ;)

Whether you just arrived or a regular visitor, you can more easily find bread, croissants, cigarettes, alcohol ... at any time, especially at night, on Sundays and holidays.

Yup, finished the beta version that has lived well ... more than expected ... This new version is faster and more efficient. Fully developed in responsive design, it has, in addition, the "960 grid" technology that together enable compatibility and right display for most screens and support (Desktop, iOS, Android) (*)

Feel free to leave us your comments and feedback via our contact form or Facebook .

Team cKibob

(*) However, the site may appear or behave a little differently than expected on Windows Phone and Internet Explorer (especially older versions). But Windows, somewhere .... Honestly ..... :p

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